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(Please be advised that food prepared here may contain: dairy, eggs, wheat, gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, or other allergens)

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Breakfast Crepes
  • (HUNGRY Ham)

     Ham/shredded cheese/                                                     tomatoes/sauteed onions

  • (BOMBy BaCon)

     Bacon /shredded cheese/sauteed onions/                           tomatoes

  • (TasTy TurKey)

    Roasted Turkey /avocado/ raw red onions/                          spinach/shredded mozzarella cheese/ Basil-Pesto

  • (EPIC Egg)

    Fresh cracked egg/ cheese/sautéed onion/                          tomatoes/ drizzled with pesto/ spinach

  • (Zakki's faVe)

     Fresh cracked egg/Bacon bits/cheese/                                 avocado/tomatoes

  • (Caprese Crepe)

    Mozzarella/ tomatoes/  Arugula / Basil-Pesto 

  • (PerFEct PoTaTo)

    Seasoned potatoes/ fresh cracked egg/  cheese/                  caramelized onions /sour cream / green onion


Savory Crepes
  • (Crazy 4 Chicken)

Seasoned Chicken/cheese/sautéed onion/spinach/

drizzled with basil pesto

  • (Creamy Chicken Florentine)

Seasoned Chicken/ Creamy sauce/ Spinach/ Parmesan cheese

  • (Spice it Up!)

Chorizo sausage/cheese/sautéed  onion/roasted potatoes/Guacamole/ spicy sauce 

  • (Mush-LuV-Mushrooms)

Seasoned Chicken/cheese/grated parmesan cheese/ mushroom sauce/spinach

  • (#Beefylicious)

Marinated beef/ cheese/sautéed  onion/ creamy sauce/spinach

  • (Vegetarian Crepe)

Cheese/ tomatoes/ avocado/bell pepper/basil pesto/Spinach


  •   (It's BABE)

Slow cooked PORK/cheese/sautéed onions/seasoned roasted potatoes / sour cream/ green onions

  • (WOW it's Hot)

Homemade Spicy Pork or Chicken Sausage cheese/sautéed onion/red bell pepper/ garlic aioli /spicy sauce


Seasoned chicken/cheese/cilantro rice/ black beans/salsa /  avocado / sour cream

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Sweet Crepes
  • (All Time Favorite)

Strawberries, Banana, & Nutella/ topped with chocolate drizzle

  • (Cookie Butter-Licious)

Strawberries and Banana in creamy Cookie Butter spread

  • (Mi Favorita)

Banana with dulce de leche sauce OR Lechera

  • (Happy Tummy)

Homemade mixed berry compote over crepe sprinkled with powdered sugar

  • (Simply deLish)

Strawberries, peaches / sweetened sauce / topped  with more sweetened sauce

  • (I Like it Buttery)

creamy salted butter/ brown sugar/ lemon juice

  • (Wild N’ Sweet)

Stewed Apple with cinnamon & graham crumbs drizzled with Dulce de leche sauce 

  • (Nutella DA-BOMB)

Nutella filled Crepe and Dark Chocolate crispy pearls/ drizzled with more Nutella sauce


  • (Banana-NATE)

Caramelized Bananas with graham crumbs/ drizzled with caramel sauce ​​

  • (S'more-Licious)

Marshmallows, semi-chocolate chips, and graham crumbs/ drizzled with more chocolate sauce


  • (Cookies N' Cream Delight)

Oreo crumbles, brownie bits, dark chocolate sauce/ drizzled with more chocolate sauce on top

  • (Cinnamon Crepe)

Crepe sprinkled with Cinnamon sugar/ whipped cream cheese /drizzled with Cinnamon brown sugar syrup

  • (COCO-Nut Crepe)

Banana / Coconut cream / drizzled with sweet coconut syrup / sprinkled with toasted coconut

  • (Choco-BROWNIES Delight)

Brownie bits / marshmallows / drizzled with chocolate sauce/ sprinkled with powdered sugar

  • BUCKWHEAT (Gluten-Free) Crepe- Batter infused with garlic salt, but not all our crepe fillings are gluten-free- $15/batch =  8 crepes                                                                                                                                                

  • Ice Cream- $2.00/scoop (Vanilla Ice Cream) 

  • Special Flavored Ice Cream - $3.00/scoop ( Mango, Coconut, Cheese and Ube or Purple Yam Flavored Ice cream)

  • Coffee OR Hot Chocolate - $3.00/person

  • Fresh Seasonal Fruits- $3.00/person

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